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For businesses looking to get the most out of their technology, the server technologies out there for the past few years has moved quite a bit. Some companies have been able to take advantage of a tax write off for upgrading energy efficient hardware. The latest servers are by a long way more efficient than those of three or four years ago.
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Intelligent Energy Monitoring

Surge Protectors

There are many products coming to the market at the moment with benefits of power, fuel and/or water savings. However, to have added benefits like 1. reduces electrical fire risk and 2. protects appliances against power surges does give a sincere element of value for money.

Electrical wholesalers, high street shops and computer stores sell a wide range of surge protectors in multi plug format i.e. plug-boards. For many people they are the ideal solution for protecting important and often expensive equipment from the damage that can come from a power surge or electrical spike.

Flat panel TVs, monitors, audio equipment, DVD player/recorders, home or office computer systems, Xbox, Play-station, etc. Often they are left plugged in with all plugged in equipment on standby.

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