Energy Efficient TVs

Background in Brief

Television sets have come a long way since the days of black and white but the last ten years have seen surges in progress like never before.

Gone are the CRTs, big heavy TVs as thick as they were tall. Along came plasma screens, sleek and available in huge sizes but the picture was quickly bettered by LCDs and on to LED lit LCDs and on now to 3D technology.

I’m beginning to think the people who invent TV technologies love the letter “D”. A good friend just bought a 3D LED LCD HD TV.

Modern Day Efficient Television Sets

A recent E.U. ruling states that all TVs in stand-by mode must not use more than 2 Watts of power.


Some older sets used more than ten times this figure….. and that wasn’t even when switched on?

Not always but as a general rule within a manufacturers range, the larger the display, the more power it will take to run. That said the recent advancements in LED(light emitting diode) technology allows for ultra efficient TVs with exceptional clarity.

In sets of the past black was created on screen by placing a filter over the white light illuminating the screen. It was therefore never truly black and often appeared to be very dark grey. It was “illuminated black”.

New LED sets can switch off the light behind the darkest pixels on your screen to give an exceptional picture quality for even those hard to see dark scenes along with increased efficiency with thanks to not running screen light when not required.

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