LEDs have been around for decades however it is only in the past few years that they have come to be produced in a manner that gives white light. They can be a fantastic way for lighting up an area. Their application up to now is principally to be found in multi light or beam light formats.

The reason behind this is the level of light from one single LED is for the most part not hectic.

In May 2011, I required a low Wattage low light output bulb for a lamp in my toddlers room. The solution could be found in the format of a candle shape bulb much like the standard ones from the past 30 years.

Add to this the fact that it gives the equivalent output of a 10 Watt bulb and will light continuously for over 20 months.

The light remains turned on from 7 or 8pm to 7.30am every night. That is to say that it has given us over 17,000 hours of light to this day in 2015.

LEDs mean long life, low power. For more light in a room a multi LED bulb can be purchased.

The best place to shop for this type of bulb at the moment is with a lighting specialist who can advise based on your requirements. Many good hardware stores are stocking better and better ranges of LED products now with GU10 dimmable spot lights available for, in the region of, €16 across the counter.

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