Tumble Dryers

I still do not understand people who dry all their clothes with tumble dryers. Yes it only takes a second to move them from the washing machine to the dryer but it takes a lot longer to earn the money to pay the electricity bill. If you can hang clothes outside and finish them off in the dryer you will save considerably and help reduce the cost of imported coal and oil burned in our power stations. Secondly there are many solutions to outdoor clothes drying where shelters above hanging clothes shield the falling rain our little island is famous for.

For the people out there using a tumble dryer for clothes for a whole family and in particular if your tumble dryer is old, there are more efficient models available now. A new machine might pay for itself in a shorter time than you think and there-after any reduction in the electricity bill is a saving in your pocket.

For people with a gas supply, a gas heated tumble dryer may help reduce the electricity bill some-what but will increase the gas bill. These machines tend to be a little on the expensive side to purchase so be warned – they do save cash for those with a large demand.

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