Washing Machines

We all need to have clean clothes so is there a way to reduce the cost of cleaning or a way to directly clean more efficiently.

Soft Water will give optimum cleaning when mixed with soap. If you have hard water your washing machine will cost more per wash for a number of reasons.

  1. Less effective with detergents causing people to use more
  2. Causes limescale build-up on heating element requiring more effort to achieve temperatures
  3. Higher temperatures will be selected by machine users to achieve clean results required.

If you have hard water, a water softener can reduce your cost of detergents, reduce the electricity required to heat water, allow you to use lower temperatures to clean clothes therefore further reducing your electricity spend.


  • Use full washes where possible to optimise the work the machine will be doing to heat water anyway
  • Use eco settings or low temperatures for clothes that are not heavily soiled – why heat water to 60 degrees Celsius when 40 will do the same job?
  • When replacing a machine buy one that has both a top level efficiency for water use and for electricity use. A rated appliances sometimes cost a little more than less efficient models but they normally will do it for good reason.

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